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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How silly...

.... So my little brother, Kayode, who is 19, by the way, has reached the stage in his life where it's cool to be a PimpDaddy. As in every girl he meets, he runs after and ends up having something to do with them etc. Right now he offically has 2 girlfriends and a small lickel (some London slang for on-the-side babe). And he's into the whole works i.e different ring tone for each one of them, shuffling his time between them etc. Funny thing is the small lickel, the one on the side, used to be the main chic before but now she has become the sidekick.

Right, there's a particular one I really like but the babe is oh so clueless. Out of all the babes he has, she is the least liked one (ps- each girl is not aware of the other). But the babe can spend money I beg, in her young age, as in what? She's so ready to drop money for my silly brother. Ok they've been dating for about 3months now, and so far, the babe has bought:

  • Ralph Lauren big pony polo shirt
  • Gucci shoes worth £195
  • Hugo Boss 100ml perfume etc

And all this in a space of a few months of dating oh, not to forget the take-aways, sweets etc she brings over to the house when she comes over.

It made me think, what is the most stupidest thing I have ever done for a guy? Stupidest in the sense that, even while I was doing it in 19gogoro, I knew it was really stupid, not to talk of now.

Well, I remember very clearly like it was yesterday. It was awhile ago and I was much younger (thank God) and I gave this dude I was having "something" with about £350+ cash because we were in a car accident together and he was really upset he smashed the rented car, so I wanted to cheer him up, I guess... lol, I am too ashamed for Oyekunle (myself). Do you know I could have invested that money in a bag or shoe, that I'll still be rocking now, shio!

Change! Change!! Change!!!

Change is the only thing permanent but yet I never seem to adapt my mind to it or even get ready for it both mentally and physically. Clock went forward on Sunday and I have been complaining about how quick the time is flying by, waking up at my usual time yet still feeling really tired etc. So Spring is finally here , though the April showers are here before April itself.

Growing up, my Mumma warned me and told me alot of stories about friends changing due to new changes in their lives, for example a new man that's swept them off their feet and they are totally in love with, then they tend to forget about other things and people around them, a new job, then they feel they are ahead of you and all of a sudden can't relate to you again, new man, new friends, oh yeah and a new man etc. To be honest with you, I never assumed I will experience that episode in my life, I hardly have that many close friends and the few I have, I have invested everthing one can think of in it, I've been honest, open and loyal, to make it the best ever and breakup free relationship I'll be in.

Recently, one of my close friend has completely changed due to the fact that she's in a new relationship. Her guy is amazing, he's really nice but MyGirl just seems to have cut everything off and revolve her life around her and her man alone, full stop, like I wouldn't mind if it was just a friend but she's one of my really great friend. Now we hardly talk that much again and even when we do, She feels the need not to tell me anything about herself again or what's going on in her life (so as not to bug me she says).

It's actually getting to me, because this is one of the few friendships I really thought would last forever, I mean we shared everything, we had loads of silent crying sessions where we both knew why we were crying but will cry without saying a word. I was fully unguarded when it came to our friendship, now I feel my 'used-by' date has finally arrived sooner than later. The joke is we used to laugh about people like this.

Am I meant to pull out of our friendship now? Or still hold on to it, afterall we've built a mighty strong foundation? Or could this all just be something I have concocted in my head due to too much time and lack of job?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Went over to my apartment yesterday and I realised why my life is so cluttered. Ever since I moved back to London, my things are still packed in brown boxes, my clothes still packed in suitcases, my paintings wrapped in old newspaper on the floor and dont even get me started on the things I brought back from Nigeria. Ok, fair enough, I moved back to London just about a month before I went to Nigeria, so really I didn't have that much time to unpack. So I decided I'll do everything when I get back from Nigeria. After about 2months there, I came back and guess what, I added 2 more suitcases of clothes and shoes to it.

Months and months after, I keep telling myself - I'll do it tomorrow, for sure. But I guess my tomorrow is taking its time cause I am still living off my medium-sized LV weekend bag which includes my favourite bubu (that's all I wear all day). Do you know that the less things you have, the less stress one gets. As in for almost 3 months now, everything I have worn came out of that bag, like magic! (Ok and maybe sharing my siblings

So I am thinking to myself, how am I meant to know where I want to be mentally when physically my road is packed with expensive junk, like I can not even switch on the lights without falling let alone climb up the stairs safely or go to the toilet. My problem is I detest London with every passion in me. I think it is way too overrated. I really don't know what the hype is all about. Everything is "nicely" overcharged/overpriced. Everyone is in a hurry to get nowhere.
Subconsciously, this has aided in me not really looking for a job as I should be.

Mentally, my mind is like my flat. Too many things left unattended to, things left wandering around, things unpacked. Like, one minute I am totally ready to move back to Nigeria to work and start a business, I guess in a way that's why I haven't unpacked my things. Then there is the issue of staying in London, do I want to work in London or move back outside London and get a job there?

So I figured since the clock officially goes back on Sunday, I will be renewing my life. With tears streaming down my face, I have set 5 simple new goals, 5 things I've to target and do for self happiness.

  1. Stay Focused - I really need to snap back into reality and not lose focus of my lifetime goals. As my little brother, Kayode, said, I easily allow myself to get distracted and yes I agree with him. I need to step away from the internet and stop watching every day TV shows on TV. Also I have to be focused to achieve and stick to these goals.
  2. Think less of ButterScotch - Seeing that I only create more void within me, so rather I'll spend each minute I think about ButterScotch on God instead, seeing that I owe HIM alot of thanks for bringing me this far and for making things I thought were impossible a thing of the past.
  3. Stay in London - At the end of the day, I know London is my capital city, in order for me to move back to Nigeria and live as comfortably as I am here (ok maybe not right now), I have to have traded in my hardwork for raw cash and London is really where I can make alot of capital to stabilise anything/everything I want to do in Nigeria. So for now, I will focus on making London work for me.
  4. Finally unpack everything I have in boxes including the batch in my Mumma's garage.
  5. Admit that yes, I am a tad bit lazy, so I need to get off my butt cause the internet is not the only way to get a job.

With all these said and done, I am going to allow myself now to keep crying. I swear I need a good cry to wash away my laziness and to clear my head and also to prepare my mind for my Spring. So rather than look for jobs today, I am taking today off to have a well deserved good cry.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thank you, I got tagged!

Can I just say a big thank you to everyone who's left me a comment on Lack of inspiration. I have taken everything into consideration and I will definately act on it, though I know all these already, I guess I am just fed-up with the direction my life is going. But I am ever so grateful for the kind words I recieved, God bless you all.

So, while I was dwelling in self pity, I got tagged, thanks to Onada, by the way babe, hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Once again wishing you the very best in everything and love you to bits. Anyway, I got tagged thanks to her, but here goes.....

If I tag you, you have to do the following:
1. The tagged victim must come up with 10 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention gender of target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment saying they've been tagged.
4. If tagged again, there's no need to post a 2nd time.

Lol, due to the type of men I have met in London, I gave up on requiremnets ages ago. But I guess every girl is allowed to have wants - empty desires, and fairy tales and hey, you never know....

MyPerfect Lover
  1. He must be God fearing. (It's very important for him to believe in my Father and that He's greater than him)
  2. He must be very intellectual and less intimidated by my eduucational background and yes my upbringing and my future ambitions.
  3. He must not be judgemental. (I have a lot of beautiful minded friends & families with dirty characters and I cant stop being there for them cos I have a man)
  4. He must be accomodating. (I am a semi-perfectionist and I pass gas alot etc)
  5. He must have dated less than 10 girls in his lifetime, not counting secondary school days. (I don't like guys that date every girl they meet. Must you go out with everyone?)
  6. He must speak good english. ( You'll be surprised how many guys cant speak good english due to pigeon english)
  7. He must not be controlling. (We have plenty of them here in London)
  8. He must be a joker that I can understand and read very well.
  9. He must have a great sense of style and ready to learn new things.
  10. He must understand and be able to afford my needs for designer items and top of the range sport cars.

Phew, I got carried away there, but you never know sha, abeg. Dear God, if there is a man like this out there for me, please Father, I am ready to meet him. Thank You Lord.

So, now i have to name people I will tag

  1. ToyinE
  2. LondonBuki
  3. Nkem
  4. Belle in the City
  5. "O"
  6. Olawunmi

Ok, I cant think again and precise, 6, 8 there isn't much difference.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lack of Inspiration

Woke up this morning with a deep sense of unaccomplishment. I hate being in this position. The feeling of being stuck in a foreign country where people are speaking in tongues, unable to learn the language so one can't communicate with anyone. Feeling of everyone going somewhere exciting but me. Feeling of everyone becoming something great except me. Feeling of being stagnant, can't go backwards, can't go forward. I try as much as possible each day to be excited for my friends when they talk about their exciting new life or the new things they bought or their exciting love life. Lord knows, I am not a jealous person but because I have so much time on my hand, the devil is trying to put ideas in me. Anyway, the devil is a liar.

I despise self-pity but honestly my life is so meaningless right now. I have nothing to inspire me. Nothing to motivate me. I wake up each morning with absolutely nothing to do. I can't even do charity/voluntary work because I will need money for transportation and I don't have. I am house bound thanks to lack of money.

ButterScotch was online today. He has been coming online alot since friday. Funny thing happened, I was feeling so down on friday mainly cause of him and I said a little prayer to God, imagine about 2hrs later, He came online and please he hasn't been online since last April (I think) and he started to me etc.

This is what I don't understand, I have tried to move on, I have tried to forget about him, I have tried to erase him from my life but everytime I am at a point where I want to explode, God pops into my life and surprises me (little things like this make me believe he's mine and he'll be back... I swear I am a roasto).

I need help.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Read Onada's entry today on Get your money right, and it made me think about my darling Mumma.

My Mumma started dating my father right after their secondary school days (they attended the same school) and they lived together during their university years in london (meanwhile, she'll shoot me if I told her I was living with a guy while at uni). After 10 years of living together and doing what couples do, they eventually got married. Unfortunately for Mumma, she got the wrong end of marriage. Her In-laws (in the shape of my Father's Sister) did not like her, Mumma's parents were much richer than father's, the Inlaws thought my Mumma was too spoilt, though to be honest with you, Mumma is quite spoilt even up to now, there are some things she comes up with and I feel like shaking her, like how spoilt are you?

As for Father, he was a real man as in his eyes were always wandering even up to now, so I guess it came as no surprise to Mumma when she discovered that he had other kids outside and her Inlaws wanted her out, and to make matters worse, Father somewhat listened to his older sister alot. And in no time, things started going downhill from there. The beatings and slaps started too and in no time it became a regular activity in the house.

After giving my Father 4kids, Mumma found the strength to leave Father, without turning back or battering an eyelid. But when she left, she left with nothing, no clothes, no house in Lagos, no business, nothing. She had to start building her life from scratch again at the age of 40+ all because she did not really secure her financial future incase things go wrong.

Now she has progressed alot in life, but she can not think of retiring anytime soon and she's 54yrs old. To this day she regrets leaving everything to the last minute while she was still with my Father, she regrets going through him for any financial decision she wanted to make.

But I thank God for the experience she had to go through growing up with Father and the lessons she learnt because it reflects alot in my upbringing and she's ever ready to set me back on track whenever I am derailing.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A La Nigerian Guys.

Is it me or Nigerian men do not know how to chase girls again. I am now convinced that I meet the lazy bunch of them who the only thing they want to invest in me is their money and of course the other obvious thingy but when it comes to time/getting to know me, it goes downhill from there. Right now, I am at the stage were I meet alot of guys ( I must feel but I no lie) but it's so hard for me to regard them in any form or shape of seriousness because with majority of the guys I meet, after one conversation, they move to the Hi baby/babes/hun/wife stage. How am I meant to take them serious? After the name calling stage, then they progress to the let's go shopping/ I'll buy this for you/I bought you that/let's travel together, or in the case of the ones that have moved back to Nigeria - I am getting you a ticket to come for the weekend. After all these, they start talking like we are dating each other, like I am their girlfriend full stop. They expect me to do the girlfriend duties, please bear in mind that I have only met these guys once and we have probably spoken 3/4 times oh for about 20mins max.

One thing I have noticed about Nigerian guys, is that they all have confidence abeg. As in The ugly ones.... Mega Confidence! The fine ones.....Super Mega Confidence! The poor ones......Confidence! The rich ones....Too much Confidence! The short ones....Super Confidence! Every type of them one can think of... Confidence! Rubbish, shio. Especially in this London where girls can spoil guys, I can only imagine what goes through their heads.

Talking about guys, I find it so hard to be attracted/like one (ok yes! I am still obsessing about ButterScotch). I set everything as a challenge when it comes to men. If I meet a guy today and he tells me well, he isn't looking for a serious thing. I immediately go into game-mode, I set it upon myself to make him want a serious relationship from me, I mean, na so I stood by myself when him come meet me for number. How can you be toasting me and yet have the nerve to tell me you just want "sturvs" "nothing serious".. mad man (we re!). Yes, I like it when men are honest but abeg the very honest truth is too bitter for me. Funny thing is I am not even looking for anything serious too, lol

Anyway, that's how my phone decided to pack up and leave me in the time when there's no money to replace it. It's bad enough having no job but then having no job and no mobile phone tops the chart with 1001 sprinklers. Spoke to La sexy La la, (my patner in crime), that's how her man told me his friend likes me (Now, La sexy's boo is always telling me this but I never meet the guys). LA Sexy, is my very close friend since jss2 and ever since she got into a serious relationship last year, her and her boo have decided to set me up with different guys.

So La sexy's boo proceeded to ask if he can give his friend my number blah blah blah. Told him I didnt have a mobile phone blah blah blah. To cut a long story short, La Sexy called me yesterday to tell me that the guy dropped a new phone for her last night to give me, imagine, because he heard I have no phone and he really wants to talk to me, Ope o. I am one who feels very uncomfortable collecting gifts from men, I have never collected anything from potential toasters but Lord knows I need a phone and at this rate I don't know when I'll get a new one and precise I don't have any stories to tell my daughters in the future (I dont have any kids yet oh), you know stories like when I was your age, men gave me this, men gave me that etc.

Infact I am collecting the phone. Thank God for the guy. God please forgive me. Going to apply for jobs.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Individualism.... Not

I am one who thrives myself in being different from the norm, it's a form of pleasure I get (I know I am sad, but hey I am very much single with too much time on my hands), but I enjoy buying things other people would see and ignore or do things that other people won't even think off. I am an Outside-The-Box-Thinker and also quite creative.

I honestly do not have a problem with telling people who compliment my style, where and how much I bought my clothes, how I did my makeup/weave etc, that's of course if they ask me. BUT what I dont understand is when these certain people do decide to copy without a sense of being different. They copy every thing down to detail and dont think they should add a bit of themselves into it.

Alot of Nigerian gals in London, are guilty of all looking the same. They can not experiment to save their lives and the minute they see something "Tried and Tested" by another, they'll all rush in and try it the exact same way. Why? Like, it's an unspoken rule to be different and divert from the Nigerian norm.

Anyway, decided to hang out with my friend Miss GB and her older sister on Tuesday. I love these girls to bit, Miss GB is a complete joker. But anytime they see me, they keep poking and asking me where I got this, how I did that,etc. Now I really have no problem wth that, I would even take you to the shop if you want me too, but Miss GB and her sisters just dont get it. They see me with one thing, after getting the details of where to get it from, then they start calling me constantly to come over and dress them/do their make up/ hair for them like I did mine. Before I know it, it's deja vu all over again. They are in the exact clothes, same makeup, even down to the same hair style they last saw me in.

Imagine 2weeks ago, while I was at their place, the older sister made me pose for her so she can show my picture to her people, cos she said she tells them about me and she needs to show them my style. But forget that, She called me last week to please help her do her hair like I have mine (ok let me feel small, I have a mad hairstyle I am rocking now and it's so different and fab), sha I have done the hair for her, now Miss GB and her other sister are making appointments for me to follow them to the hair shop to get the right hair and do it for them! Like seriously, me doing the hair is not the point, it's up to them to maintain it, so it's all up to how you treat your hair oh!

Seriously, it's getting annoying.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hi5 Lo5s

Ok, so I am member of the Hi5 craze too, just for the fun of it, I know I am too old for that but what the heck. Anyway, ever since this whole madness started, every party/outing you go to everyone has a camera even the guys, people are snapping away on their digicam. They go out on Saturday, by Monday their Hi5 pages would have been updated, if you did not apply your matrix skills, your face will be there too.
But the thing I find hilarious about the site, is that I get alot of Lo5s (DEFINITION - Guys who send me messages claiming, they love me and want me to call them, all because of my pictures). These guys mail me all their contact numbers, their msn and yahoo id for me to add to my IM. Are they for real?
Checking my email today and I saw I have a message from some Itunnu guy on Hi5. To my surprise, I saw the longest message (which I could not even read, it does not look like it made sense). This is what Itunnu sat and typed to me all because of Hi5 oh! Am I meant to actually reply this?
From: Itunnu To: WonderWoman Subject: To one i love
Glory be to almighty GOD,hope u are felling better?likewise I over here.Infact I really need you and I don't even know where to explain my fellings to you.Anyway I speak with my tongues and of angel ,but have not love I have become sounding bress or a clanging cymbal and though I have all the gift of prophecy and understand all my stories and all knowledge and though I have all faith so that I could remove mountains but have not LOVE am nothing and I bestow all my good to feed the poor and I give my body to be
burned but have not LOVE ,its profits me nothing .LOVE suffers long and is kid,LOVE does not envy,LOVE does parade itself ,its not puffed up ,does not behave rudely,does not seek its own,its not provoked think no evil or records.does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth beal all things believes all things,hope all things endures all things Love never fails.But whether there are prophecies they will fail whether theres knowledge it will vanish away.For we know in part and prophecy in part. But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away. so pls reply to
me. stay cool u can send me here[] byeeeeeee
Erm, am I meant to actually reply this?

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Right, done with cooking, the pottage came out really nice even the pepper chicken and gizzard sauce. Do you know that if I say a prayer (silent little prayer oh, nothing major) before I start cooking, with alot of love and a dash of passion, the food comes out really sweet. You see I have a passion for food, I love cooking for people and I love seeing people enjoy my food. I can cook everything from the baddest lasagne to the sweetest yoruba dish one can think of. My Mumma knows this, that's why she has insisted on no one but me to cook whenever I am in her house.
I have my own place, but seeing that I have no job, I figured it's cheaper for me to stay at my Mumma's till I get a job (atleast I can eat as much as I want here and I will also be warm here-I have no money for heating at my place let alone buy food), I think She knows I am using her, so she's using me too.

So back to MyGuy, ButterScotch (obviously I can't use his real name, so I'll call him my fav sweet), a friend of mine tried to hook me up with ButterScotch in 2002 but I wasn't interested after a couple of conversations over the phone. Then summer 2003 at a paticular house party in Neasden, I saw the buffest guy there checking me out, after so many eye flirting, smiles and lip licking he eventually came up to me to ask for my name. We got talking all night and I was very quick to give him my number. Of course He waited 2days before He called me and it turned out His phone number was already stored in my phone, then it became obvious that he was a previous toaster, you see in London, once you get to meet all the guys here, you start again from the very beginning, in my case the new toasters I meet now, they have already approached me before some I can remember exactly when & where, some I cant even remember but then, their number would appear on my phone, I usually do the collecting of numbers from most guys.

Oh yeah ButterScotch, we ended up talking every day and I guess our fondness for each other grew cos all of a sudden he started asking for a much serious relationship. The thing is, as time grew by, I got really scared, scared of a relationship with him, cos I knew it would have been deep and I wasn't ready for that, I know some might think I am not making sense, but I run away from things that will make my heart bleed, I run from love, I run from any situation where I have to trust someone, I run from too much affection from guys, I admit I am a self-confessed Runaway-From-Relationship Addict (RAFRA). I switch off completely when I hear the words 'FOREVER' 'SERIOUS' or even 'FUTURE'. So, even when I meet someone I know I can like alot, the minute he starts talking deep, I start looking for faults from the littlest thing he does/says. Unfortunately ButterScotch came at the wrong time, He came when I wasn't looking for anything serious (as always) and there was no room for love in my plan for that year. I had so many things planned out and I needed to stay focus, so I toughened up and pulled out my extra tough cookie exterior, ButterScotch went nowhere, he was determined to break every shell of mine (that was his fav line), he tried and tried not a crack. He never gave up on me. Then of course I started looking for faults and making excuses with my girls why I don't need him in my life so they can be on my team.

In life no matter how much you try and deny something, your inner gutts always overflow in order to remind you of what you are trying to hide. I need to get offline now, my brother says I should bounce.

No job, MrPastor and MyGuy

Lately I find myself waking up really early, it's no big deal right but I have nothing to do, still haven't found a job and honestly, I am fed up. I am fed up of looking for a job. I am fed up with being too qualified or less qualified. I am fed up with people calling me even after I have clearly stated on my resume (CV) and cover letter that I have no prior experience for the position I have applied for but yet these fools, still call to ask questions then at the end of the conversation they tell me, they are sorry but they are looking for a graduate with atleast 3yrs work experience. 3YRS WORK EXPERIENCE? Come on, how is that possible? So basically while studying, they wanted me to be working in an engineering firm too?? Fools! fools!!

Thanks to my parents for the belief they have implanted in me, I now think me having no job is now a spritual thing. I know it's farfetched, but na my parents oh. Growing up back home in Nigeria, my parents were very quick to broaden our horizons with the evil men do, witchcraft et al. They always made it seem like for every bad thing that occurs in one's life, it was down to another bad person's doing. Classic Yoruba parents. So basically, I grew up avoiding relatives/people touching my head, not eating food in some people/realtives' homes, not telling some people certain family things, not telling people when I am travelling etc, you get the gist.

Now, I am beginning to think, me having no job is down to spritual doings all because while I was in Nigeria last year, my Mumma asked me to go see a certain Redeem MrPastor ( my aunt's Pastor). While I was in the MrPastor's office, He started filling my head with all sorts, about people not wanting me to succeed in life, people trying to make life difficult for me, blah, blah, blah. After about what seems like forever into the conversation, He asked me to kneel infront of him, so he can pray for me. I did, He prayed, prayer finished now, na so MrPastor decided to give me a big hug (thinking, is this normal?), the next thing I know, MrPastor was trying to force his skinny, black, disgusting looking tongue down my throat (He has my head on lockdown). Reflex took over, I fought with all my strenght while laughing (it was too funny), MrPastor did not agree, he was grabbing my butt, my arms and even aimed for my big boobs. Eventually, I found strenght from nowhere and pushed him away and I ran, I ran so far and fast, though my house was just next door oh. Imagine man of God, it's bad enough I have alot of questions when it comes to me going to church, then I meet MrPastor. How am I meant to take everything He said seriously? Though some of the things He said did hit home? Should I just scrap his words?

Anyway, MrPastor did say one thing, that for some reason it has refused to leave my mind. He mentioned that I have already met my husband but there are people who are trying to make it difficult for me. Now, this is a feeling I have had even before I saw MrPastor, (ok maybe not my husband). I feel I have met the person I can spend the rest of my life with and MyGuy feels the same, but there are some obstacles, in the shape of his new girlfriend, his bruised ego (courtesy of my tough cookie heart) . It's a long story which I will go into another day, cos I have to go do me Sikirat skills, seeing that it's my older sister's birthday and my Mumma wants me to cook my famous yam & plantain pottage for the house. But yes, thoughts of MyGuy is main reason I wake up early now.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Do Guys still ask Girls out?

During my stay in Nigeria last year, I was listening to one of those radio shows where they set a question for the day and make people call in with their views. The question of the day was - WOULD YOU GO-OUT WITH A GUY THAT DOES NOT ASK YOU TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND?

I laughed and thought, what a silly question, obviously that's definately a silly question. I mean, come on, that's so secondary school where you have to get TheQuestion, then if you dont like him, you tell him no there and then, if you like him, you tell him you'll think about it and take days in saying yes - so as to prove you are hard to get.

Story, na so babes started calling.

CALLER 1: I can never go out with a guy who doesn't ask me out. What does he think I am?
CALLER 2: Of course not, he has to ask me to be his girlfriend oh before anything.

CALLER 3: (with a fake american accent) I can't even imagine such. I can not date a guy who does not ask me out oh. He will think I am very cheap!!
CALLER 4: Don't guys always ask girls out? I have never met a guy that hasn't asked me out.

You get the gist. To my amazement, not a single person called to say yes, I would. Every caller found the situation insulting, they thought for them to date a guy without him asking them first will make them come across as cheap (Then again, they might all be lying) cos come on, these were all university girls calling, it was the university radio station I was listening to.

But seriously, if that's really the case, then girls in Nigeria have it easy. Once again in London, girls my age will be priveledged to still get TheQuestion. 80% of my relationships started with us having "something" then after many nagging and 'where's this going?' we moved to "exclusive", till eventually He starts introducing me in public as his girlfriend then I automatically & comfortably elevate myself to TheGirlfriend. Thinking about it now, I am not the only one. Though, I bet there are guys out there who do ask girls out but I usually get the - I want a serious relationship with you/ You need a boyfriend right?- lines.

Shoo, even with all my tough-cookie attitude, I came shamely say (while hiding under my bed), that I have been girlfriend to guys that never asked me out initially, not to forget the "somethings" I have had without TheQuestion, E gba mi o, shio. What has become of me oh? In Nigeria, the girls who grew up there will call me cheap/asawo without battering an eye but in London, my girls would think I have lost it and will abuse me, if I tell them I am waiting for a guy to ask me out first before I drop anything, oh yeah let's not forget I will die fighting while waiting for the guy himself to ask TheQuestion.

I guess it all balls down to the mentallity between a girl who became an adult in London and a typical Nigerian girl in Nigeria.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To bag or not to bag.

Here I was yesterday iming/job hunting/ looking for things I would buy if I had the money, when I came across this devil temptation site - as decscribed by Onada.

OMG, the site was amazing, in their own words they promised great pride in offering only authentic designer merchandise at very affordable prices. They offered every designer bags from Louis Vuitton to Chanel, Balenciaga, Fendi, Chloe and even Hermes. They had every new season bag one can think of. Jackpot! I have finally found a way to save money and yet still feed my obsession for bags. I can finally buy my Chanel bag, my very own Chanel bag, actually what am I saying, I can buy 2 Chanel bags at these prices, then I will move to Louis Vuitton and get more Epi leather bags that I have always dreamt of owning in every colour, yipe!!

I mean, I am always sceptical when it comes to buying designer bags online, would rather save and go to the shops. But this website looks so professional, everything is well presented. the colours, the pictures of the bags, FAQs, everything was too mad. I have definately died and gone to BagHeaven. I can see my summer, with all my new designer bags, too spoilt for choice. Which bag to carry? What to wear? What to wear? OMG! OMG!!

Decided to share my new found secret with my dear friend, seeing that we are both trying to solve the million dollar question on how to walk in a billionaire's lane in an average man's shoes. Basically buy designer bags and still survive.

After Onada fell out of Bag Heaven, She thought let's check with Better Business Bureau to check if this people are actually for real......

.... ABRACADABRA! BANG!! Pop goes the Weasel! The rate I fell from BagHeaven, I came back to my senses with few headaches and heart injuries. The result we found was saddening. These people sell FAKE bags and some of their customers have left a comment saying this, but the site administrator did not paste it. They only pasted their positive feedbacks.Why? Mad people, rubbish!

The site:

I guess if it's really too good to be true, then it really is not true.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Girls gone WILD!!

There are so many things we are experiencing now that might seem new to us but if we take a minute and ask questions, we would discover it's an era that has always been there and we are the ones new to it.

Here I was on friday doing my friend, Miss K's hair, when we started updating each other with other people's gist i.e gossiping. It was the regular guy this, girl that until she got to our friend, Desperado 1. Now Desperado 1 is a very nice girl, met her summer 2004 and she's quick to tell you whatever is going on in her life. She's about 24+yrs old but hangs around weak-minded girls who've had/keep having so many bad experiences when it comes to men.

Desperado 1 (D1) has been dating DaddyPimp for 5yrs now and He decided to buy an apartment for both of them to live in, I guess He believed their relationship was heading for great things. To cut a long story short, they are in love and are moving in together BUT, as things usually happen in real life, D1 recieved a random call from Desperado 2.

Desperado 2: Hello, I guess this is D1?
D1: Yes, who's this?
Desperado 2: Well, you dont know me, but I believe we have something in common that will interest you.
D1: I see, so what do you want from me?
Desperado 2: Well, my name is Desperado 2, I don't really do this but can we please meet up, say tomorrow? Look, it really is for your own good. It's about DaddyPimp.
D1: Is this a joke? Cos I dont have time for rubbish. When do you want to meet and where?

Eventually, D1 agreed and they ended up meeting at Macdonalds in North London. Only for Desperado 2 to tell D1;

Desperado 2: You see, I heard that you and DaddyPimp have been dating for 5yrs now but I wanted to tell you in person that, me and him have been dating for 3yrs too. Now about the house DaddyPimp's buying, it's for me and him. Actually, I really do not have a problem with you, I just thought I should tell you, I have invested 3yrs in this relationship and I am going nowhere. So I suggest you (D1) best start getting use to me.

To cut a long story short again, here's the twist I find disturbing, Desperado 1, Desperado 2 and DaddyPimp all moved in together, into their new one bed apartment. Imagine, this is not marriage I am talking about oh, or engagement, infact DaddyPimp is not talking about marriage to anyone of them. My dear friend, D1, now belittled herself, moving in, doing what's "right" (as advised by her friends and her inner-self). Saddest thing was DaddyPimp now resulted to abusing, physically and mentally, both Desperados on regular intervals. Meanwhile, both Desperados will be fighting each other about who's cooking for DaddyPimp, who's getting more attention, who's sleeping with him (pls bear in mind that they all sleep on the same bed).

At the end of the day, I really can't say much, cos believe me, things like this go on everyday, it can happen to anyone. Fair enough one is responsible for one's life but come on, even if you know, you can fall for guys like this or are weak-minded, surround yourself with strong-minded characters, they will eventually pull you back to reality. I mean, D1's best friend is a certified stalker by profession in London, so clearly things like this is normal to her, left to her, she'll even move into the apartment as well to support her friend.

After spending a yr in the apartment with all the drama, D1, has finally found the courage and moved back in with her mum and is ready to tell anyone her experience. as for Desperado 2, she is still there. By the way, apart from DaddyPimp, who's in his 30s, both girls are under 25.

But really is any man worth this? Is this love? Is this fighting for something you believe in? Should we always follow our heart when it comes to men?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March, still no job

It's March already, so much for being positive and confident about getting a job by March. If I start thinking about it again, I will just be more depressed, I mean if I calculate how much I could have earned and saved, oh well I thank God for little mercies. But I swear I was raised to believe that, the more educated (learning experiences) one gets, the better and easier your chances are of succeeding, still waiting to prove that theory.

I have been so emotional this week, like if I see someone crying on tv, I'll start crying too. Not to forget my moodiness, yelling at everyone, then crying. I really dont know if it is the Low-carb diet I am on, oh well, God dey.

Anyways, Luga is back from Nigeria. Luga is a special friend of mine. We met in 1999/2000, obviously his intentions was not friendship. Actually, his cousin Ade, was the person who introduced us. Funny story actually, Ade promised my flatmate, Funmi, that He will hook her up with his cousin Luga. They exchanged numbers, started talking everyday but never met. Come the day Luga met Funmi, he met me too and let's just say he stopped calling Funmi and started showing interest in lil' old moi.

Since then, we have been really close friends. I must tell you I have 2 bad habits, apart from my love for expensive designer bags and shoes, I can also play tough/hard for Africa and Europe together, consciously and subconsciously, I take being "hard" too far, (some people think it's fronting) I know shame on me. So clearly, when Luga tried I fronted, He chilled for a while, then decided to cut himself out of my life, why? dont know. Sha, He left, got himself a babe, but 2years later he left her and bang, we are friends again.

Now, Luga is the type of people I feel the need to slap everytime ( and I am not an aggressive person). The boy lives in Knightsbridge ( one of the most expensive place in the uk), it is his father's crib oh, that's to tell you that they are very loaded. But lo and behold, my guy decides to be the black sheep of the famiy, he has cut himself off from his father, all because He doesnt want his father to control him, blah, blah, blah, like seriously dude you were born with a platinum spoon encrusted with pink, black and yellow diamonds, please accept your fate, please. To make matters worse, He now decides to live his life on the fast lane, he knows so much about christianity but yet he doesnt believe in it, cos he has too many unanswered questions, he has a motor bike, though I actually find that quite sexy and yes I have been on it once, it was amazing. Apart from all that he is still one of my close friends, but we still fight alot cos he believes He tells me everything about his life and I dont tell him that much about mine.

Anyway, my guy is back from Nigeria and now He is on a completely different chapter from me. All of a sudden He is seriously and constantly talking about us getting married, him meeting his mother-in-law (my mumma) etc. Ps- my guy is moving back finally to Nigeria in summer. I am convinced now, that He must have been sent back to London to find a bride. Pyscho!!