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Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday 4:28

Finally, taking a break from my work project and emailing "Clients". I have 32 minutes left to run out of work before I am begged to stay behind, but for some reason I tell you time seems to be taking a nap.

I have so much catching up to do but dont really know where to start. I have a job now, thank God for that and I promise to be healthy till I die, hence why I am now pumping cups upon cups of water a day to have flawless skin and shed the spotty one I have now thanks to Chicken-Pox. Saying that, I find I share my time between the ladies and my desk each day, I drink then (get it!)

On my way back to my desk from one of my loo visit, I bumped into one of my Nigerian co-worker. I have never said a word to her before but I see her around the building, she called me over to her desk. Turns out she just got back from Dubai and decided to turn her workspace into a gold-trade centre. I so could not believe it. She had so called "Sterling Silver" (with her nigerian accent) that looked like aluminium wrapped in foil paper, men's watches and fashion rings displayed all over her. She must have seen the look of disgust on my face and decided to ask me if I prefer gold instead, before I could say anything, she brought out a huge suitcase from under her desk to show me what she had.

Told her I'll be back after work and rushed off, now i have to take the stairs out of the building this evening so as not to bump into her on my way to the lift. Actually, I would have to take the stairs this week cos I have no money for pahnda.

This got me thinking of my primary school, University of Lagos, Staff School. The teachers were just as bad when it came to trading within their jobs. Some made me hawk for them and go to other teachers to show them the products which was usually something with an awful smell like salty smoked fish or locust beans.... yuk

Happy New Year & Happy Monday

Happy New year and most importantly happy Monday. I am so excited to be back and yet I still have NOTHING to write about?!?!

Million thanks to everyone wanting me back especially Vickii, LondonBuki and Onada