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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

About Me.....

  • I am known by alot of people but I have few close friends and two great friends.
  • I have an overactive imagination.
  • I get excited easily, it's annoying.
  • I am sensitive but alot of things do not get to me.
  • I cry when people disappoint me, so much as saying you'll meet me at 4 and then you don't, makes me want to cry.
  • I love Nikki in Big Brother 7 (UK)
  • I am the second of four children and I went through a phase thinking I was irrelevant.
  • I did cultural dancing in secondary school and even at my first yr at university....shh.
  • Did cheerleading in secondary school.
  • My greatest love so far has been with my friends and family.
  • I have only ever had one physical fight in my life (apart from with my siblings), in jss3 I forgot with my classmate.
  • I have never had a serious relationship, I run when they start getting serious.
  • I hate collecting gifts from guys I am dating, I always avoid them even during my birthday.
  • I am secretive to a fault, hence why so many people think I am a shady character.
  • I am obsessed with cakes.
  • I love clothes with a passion but I HATE shopping only if it's a small shop and everything is one place on one
  • I have dimples and I laugh and smile alot.
  • People who know me think I am a very strong person but I cry almost every night on my pillow.
  • I am very troublesome and almost very quiet.
  • My life is so easy going and I never get angry.
  • I hardly talk about myself.
  • I had the best childhood.
  • Growing up I was sexually abused by more than one guy at different times and till this day I have never told anyone.
  • I come across as a girlie girl but I am very tom-boyish.
  • I am still not sure if I want to get married.
  • Can not stand plain ice-cream, my fav ice-cream is pralines and cream.
  • Have a passion for cooking and baking.
  • I am 25yrs old going on 70.
  • Alot of people think I am articulate, I think so too.
  • I never look people in the eyes when talking to them.
  • As a kid I wanted to be Nancy Drew.
  • Star sign - Scorpio! So yes, I do have an aura of mystery around me.

Friday, May 19, 2006

News Review

I have noticed just before the start of summer, there's always a major missing person/murder story. To be honest, this happens almost every other day, but for some reason there's always a certain one that gets alot of media coverage, people talking about it and you find yourself praying for the families involved and sometimes be on the verge of tears for the families, usually just before you start having your summer-fun.

So far, the life of young 15 years-old Kiyan Prince was stolen on Thursday, May 18th, he was stabbed while trying to break up a random fight on his way back from school - evidently, another anger related crime where the person who stabbed him (allegedly a 16 yr old was seen running from the scene), probably just wanted to scare Kiyan, only Lord knows. But God has a reason for everything, including making people stay on earth for a short period of time. Kiyan may your young Soul rest in perfect peace. Amen

Then, five illegal immigrants had the nerve to work for The British Home Office as cleaners, one having worked there for 3yrs, but you know what they say, everyday for the thief, one day for the owner, sha dey don catch dem and making a big deal about it, surprisingly, yes they are Nigerians and I wander what each one is thinking right now!?!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chicken Pox-ible II

So my bumps have tripled all over my face, my chest, my palms and some embrassing Went to see my doctor, Dr Hitchens yesterday morning even though she's already booked an appointment for me at St Thomas'. She looked ever so scared and starts asking me once again if I have taken any medications prior to this illness blah blah blah, because it's definately not chicken pox I have, it seems like a reaction and my immune system is over-acting. She tells me to pack an overnight bag as I will be asked to stay over at St Thomas'.

Got back home, packed and waited for my appointment. Phone rings, it's Dr Hitchens, lately she's been calling alot to check up on me but today it's different, She has a name for my illness - Stevens Johnson's Syndrome, She advices once again to pack my bag because I will be asked to stay - at this point, I am totally blank, like what's my business with a syndrome let alone Stevens Johnson's Syndrome. Got off the phone and immediately googled it.

Turns out Steven Johnson's Syndrome is a severe and life-threatening condition that occurs mostly with young adults blah, blah, blah. I get the gist and everything felt too much to take in. Went back to my packing, told my sisters I might not be coming back home ever again and they yelled at me for being silly and talking rubbish. Told Mumma what the Dr said, then I started crying, why? I don't know. First She went into, this-is-why-I-tell-you-to-go-to-church-every-sunday mode, then She started crying and asking me why I am crying (joker), then She starts praying, my older sister walks in and yells at both of us for crying and turns to me to stop beacause I am upsetting Mumma.

Finally, at the hospital with my two sisters and Mumma. I meet Dr Perez, Italian Dr, who's quick to see me and take me to his room. Then the probing starts again, more questions about taking any medications before I broke out. Blood test begins, feels like they took all my blood, they had about 6 tubes to fill. I am asked to undress and lie down naked, more doctors and nurses come in, most of them oohing and aahing. Dr Perez hands me a form to sign, asking for my permission to take pictures of me, I signed it, so I could see what I looked like as well. Nurse Susan comes in with a huge camera and starts clicking away, made me stand and pose for her, I am still blank and still trying to sink in the earlier info.

More doctors come in to take swabs and juice from my bumps, still not saying anything. At this point, I am asking God why do things like this always happen to me but I thank Him for everything else.

After more than 5hrs of probing, blood testing, swabbing and not to forget the oohhs and aahhs, Dr Perez finally talks to me (Thank God), tells me they think I have a bad case of chicken pox but they can't confirm this till I get my blood results back. Because they hardly treat adults with chicken pox, they hardly know what it looks like (hence, why they took my pic for further reference) but I should g home and treat it like chicken pox.

Back home now, waiting for my call from Dr Perez. As for me, if God watches over the tiny sparrow, then He won't miss small Kunle too.......

Monday, May 15, 2006

Chicken Pox-ible

Days after seriously considering being in a relationship with NG, I start having bumps all over my body. Plenty bumps!

Could it be that I am breaking-out due to my fear of being committed and knowing full well that this relationship might be way too serious for me to handle? Or it might just be chicken pox right, cos it's quite itchy actually?

Went to the clinic today and the doctor confirmed it's not chicken pox because I dont have the symptoms apart from the itchiness. She seemed quite concerned and promises to get back to me later today after she has called the hospital to confirm what it might be.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Quarter to being a Housewife......

Waking up each morning now to go to work has made me realize why I have been 'lazily' job hunting.
It's ever so tiring from the minute I wake up, to commuting with the morning commuters, then getting to work and playing 'best friends' with my workmates for the next 8hrs (not counting overtime), not forgetting to ask everyone for coffee/tea when going to make one for myself etc. Then, there are the people you meet at any workplace, be it retail or whatever (funny enough, they do always seem the same), there's the one who is threatened by your qualifications and ambitions and puts it upon his/herself to "try" and make you feel uncomfortable, then you have the power-driven overje master who usually tends to be very quick to jump at what one is doing wrong but they seem to have worked in the company for ages doing the same thing cos they dont have enough confidence to apply for anything else and OMG, the ones that have no life and wants us to hang out everynight after work and will go ahead and organise something for the weekend, like please.

Instead of concentrating at work today (was in for overtime), I started daydreaming, what if I have the opportunity to wake up anytime I like, do whatever I like with my day, the thought of never worrying about work ever again. Basically lazing indoors all morning, then go out and organise another brunch/gala night/lunch or whatever.

Seriously, what if I have the option of being a housewife? The luxury of being told- Darling, your salary doesn't make a difference to the family account- meaning that he has it nicely covered etc

Basically all I will be doing is being a full time housewife with my business running on the side, me organising more parties/functions for the rest of the Housewives Association and summer events for the kids blah, blah.

Lord knows that if that door of opportunity opens for me right now, I'll enter and double bolt the door sharp sharp, no questions asked.
But in reality, due to the harshness of the world and the sins of men ( the sins of the fathers always follow them), I have to work! work!! work!!! Then become the housewife much later after retirement.

Me I no go suffer ............................

Monday, May 08, 2006

From Clapping it turns to Dance....FOG Off

Warning: Never allow men who have "Someone Else" in their life to keep sharing and expressing their feelings for you.

Ok, FOG, is in London for hols. FOG and I messed around ages ago but nothing came of it because he was moving back to Nigeria and all (this was years and years ago) but we still kept very much in touch. Last year while I was back in Nigeria, we ended up being much more closer, like we started planning our days around each other. We started as the good friends we were and eventually, we had to face that bridge where boy-girl-friendship meets either friends with 'benefits' or become lovers et al. As time passed, He started talking meticulously about "our" future and what I thought about him blah, blah, blah. The thing is, this dude has a girlfriend, whom he likes alot, then there's me who he's completely comfortable with and knows almost everything about his life et al. To be honest with you the boy is seriously confused and I am partially at fault because I allowed myself to be emotionally available to him, even after he got a new girlfriend, (though we haven't had anything physical).

While i was in Nigeria, I realized that FOG was seriously confused about his feelings for me because he was always coming up with so many random questions, like a lost puppy, anyway I decided to cut off the silly friendship we had, seeing that it was becoming quite complicated.
To cut a long story short, he's here on holiday and I was the first person he called from the airport (well, after he called his sister and his girlfriend.... lol) . Now he wants us to meet up even though I am avoiding this because he has expressed his feelings alot more, am I meant to see him tomorrow still and get another dose of his feelings face to face?

Funny thing is, I don't even know if I should be offended by some of the things he says - Like the other day, he kept on calling me cos he wanted us to meet up at Covent Garden, but fortunately.. (I think), I didn't get the message till about 5pm, well I called him back and he actually told me to please come and meet him for lunch cos he needed to talk blah blah blah BUT I need to get there before 5.30 because he was MEETING HIS GIRLFRIEND FOR 6PM!!

Meanwhile, NG is still in the picture, doing my head in as usual, blimey, now I know why I run from relationships. I am learning new things everyday, even though he's only 5 years older than I am, he's so much more matured and my word, I can not get away with being cheeky and cute always. I have to be super-mega articulate but I am loving every bit of it.... i think.

Meanwhile, on my way back from work today, I was looking out for you know

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I am Back!!

Lol, I know I have been away for awhile now, I apologise.

I have gone from someone who had so much time in her hands to someone who prays to get just 5minutes of sleep in a week.

Ok, quick update. I have finally got a job, thank God, but it's only a temporary thing and it's not engineering related but it involves alot of calculations. Yipe! i have a job, I am still so excited. Oh yes, imagine, I bumped into ButterScotch's girlfriend on my way back home on Friday, like seriously does that happen to anyone??? Shio, the girl felt quite intimidated and I just smiled and kept on walking.....(Yeah right, I smiled and remembered I had to look for "something" in my bag and kept on walking). It was too funny.

Meanwhile, there's a fantastic food market near my workplace, it's bananas. Everything there is so tempting, from the homemade marmalade, to freshly baked tarts, cookies etc. Temptations, temptations. God please deliver me from that market.