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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Legend Weekend

Weekend was great, started off with my little cousin's 7th birthday party, got him Converse All-Star and he said in his words - “Aunty these are so cool, now I am mega cool”. Kids! Basically Saturday was filled with screaming kids and wails of - "Aunty give me cake" “Aunty where’s my parcel”.

I miss all those kids’ parties in Nigeria. If you are lucky, you get it organized by PartyPacks, Uncle Wole & co. With lanky men dressed in funny costumes (where they get it from is a million dollar question) not forgetting the scary clowns with weird face paintings and playing dancing competition to Shina Peters et al. I can not wait for my kids to come this world; I swear I’ll be organizing parties for them everyday (that’s if we are in Nigeria oh).

Monday, my sister and I ended up at some exclusive members-only club in London, Cabaret (Think that’s the right spelling). Highlight of my night was when my sister tapped me casually and asked me to look at the person at the table behind us, only for me to turn and see the Mr. John Legend in person (who is dating a Nigerian girl oh). He is so light and fine, not tall enough for a guy but amazingly gorgeous. I was amazed that no one was rushing/grabbing/crowding him, imagine, everyone acted so normal (well, we were at the VIP, so that might explain why).

I had to gather myself together and act calm and collected like I wasn’t star-struck at all, but I couldn’t stop glancing at him. Luckily for me, while on my way back from the loo, he was heading to the loo so we kind of ‘bumped’ into each other. He was so nice and drunk, he kept on talking to us but his silly oversabi master - bouncer kept on pulling him back. Sha, I got a picture with him, hahaha!
Somehow I feel, if he only he saw me when he was single, I could have been THE Nigerian Babe…Amen.

We had some new guy, Ryan Leslie who performed most of the night, his songs are quite nice I must say. There were other Z-list celebs there like Grace from BigBrother but who cares?

Now I am back to applying for jobs…. Oh well back to the norm!

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Waiting Game...

Hitherto have ye asked nothing in My name: ask, and ye shall receive, that
your joy may be full.....John 16:24

Reading LondonBuki's blog entry today reminded me of me. I too decided a while ago to talk to God about my problems rather than to friends but I must say, it is the hardest thing to do.

I believe in God and His goodness, I have faith that my prayers will be answered as long as I believe and all. But for someone as impatient as I am, I find the transition between trial to tribulations or test to testimonies the hardest thing to endure. It truly is a test of Faith because the wait allows room for doubting and fear and to be honest sometimes I have fallen and lost Faith while waiting because even though I start up with Faith, somewhere along the line I lose it and start having doubts.
I wish I know how to truly believe with all my heart to the end and accept that sometimes it will take time not instant response.


So after many months of staying indoors, well actually because of my stubborn chicken pox spots, I have been hiding indoors and avoiding any social gathering. I decided to go for the SimplyLive party at Zest on saturday, honestly it was fun while it lasted.

I don't know why I bother going to these Nigerian Parties, I mean, you've been to one you've been to all, nothing but a night of fakeness mixed with an aura of Plus de Fakeness (more fakeness), actually I know why I go - in order to "Network", sort of like a marketing strategy for single people and guys, (yep guys) cos in London apart from parties and clubs, there really is no where else to meet people.... (I think). There are hardly weddings and even if there are, its usually filled with parents and grandparents, and the people you club with. Let me not even talk about meeting people in church, I personally do not believe in it (heard too many sour stories).

Funny enough I never date guys I meet in clubs or regard them as serious prospects (personal preference) but I keep going to these parties cos you never know, there just might be a new 'kid' in So until then, I need to carry on with my usual - air-kissing my way through to every Nigerian gathering while spotting the season's must-have, AfakeSmile.

My older sister had food-poisoning yesterday after eating the spoilt salad I warned her not to, so all she did yesterday was hold her belly and slept in the toilet all day. But it made me realise, as women, the older we get the harder it is for people to believe one can have a case of plain old belly ache (which makes you vomit) without actually being PREGNANT. So you can imagine how many people kept on asking her, are you sure you are not pregnant, during her vomiting sessions.

I learnt this weekend, that we never really know our true friends until we are all married. As far-fetched as this may seem to me now, I somewhat believe, because I have friends that have oh so strayed because they are in a relationship and the only time they call me is clearly when they have evidently been in some shape or form of fight with their partner, so I can imagine what will become of them when push becomes shove (marriage). Though I do wonder if this applies to guys sha.

Congratulations LondonBuki on going through and completing your race. Shows alot about your character and your attitude to things. You go girl!