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Friday, February 24, 2006

Keeping Your Priorities

Going through my old journals last night and I came across this article. Now honestly, I do not think I wrote it, seems like I copied it off somewhere or I read and wrote it out in my own words cos I swear I am not that smart. Anyways, decided to add it on here.

Keeping Your Priorities

The purpose of God in your life must be continually submitted and guarded! What does that mean:
  1. Stay Flexible: Things constantly change; so do ways of getting things done. So to fulfil your God-given priorities you must stay flexible.
  2. Plan your time carefully: To be effective, it is a good idea to plan your day. Only one in 3 people do. A famous businessman said, "it is a rare day that I get up in the morning wondering what I will be doing that day." Can you say that?
  3. Follow your plan: Most of us do not get to our most important tasks until mid-afternoon. We tend to do the unimportant stuff first, so that we'll have a sense of accomplishment. That's not a winning formula. Do the important things first. If you plan your day but don't follow the plan, your results will be the same as someone who never had a plan in the first place. Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.
  4. Involve other people whenever possible: People fall into two categories: CLINGERS or DUMPERS. Clingers refuse to let go of anything they think important, whether they are the best person to do it or not. Their goal is perfection. Dumpers, on the other hand, are quick to get rid of the things they do not fancy doing. Their goal is to get things out of their hair. Involving other people means being wise and generous - not getting people to do your dirty work. It also means that the job gets done right. And isnt that what you want?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thanks, But No Thank You

So, once again I am on MSN chatting/job hunting/looking at the things I would buy if I had money, when my friend, DangerMouse came online.

DangerMouse, is the son of one of the famous billionares in Nigeria. I met him Summer 2003 while I was in Nigeria. After so many tempting gifts including money and first-class tickets to Nigeria not to forget the baby I love you, it became clear to him that we can only be friends and that's about it. He is yet to finish university, cos he keeps stopping or getting 'cut-off' by his father, basically as his name suggests, he is danger - he is a rebel, in the words of his father. Ps- DangerMouse is barely 24 and he has a 4yr daughter. Word on the streets is that He's into governors for business, as in, he's literally into them. He changes his car every month, just for the fun of it, please note that this dude does not collect money from his parents again, as he wants to prove to his billionare father that he can make it on his own.

Anyway, he came online and we started chatting as usual. DangerMouse wanted to know how my job hunting was going etc. First he offered to give me a plane ticket to Nigeria to come and de-stress, once again I declined the tempting offer - I mean afterall I can go to Nigeria for 2weeks since I have nothing to do here, right? - sha, back to reality! Then from nowhere, DangerMouse decided to advise me, the next thing I was reading, literally knocked me off my feet and got me wondering.

Like most of my friends, DangerMouse made a suggestion, in his words, he asked me - "Have you thought about runs? Atleast you will be able to maintain your lifestyle while you are looking for a job". I was stunned, cos clearly I knew quite well what he was talking about. Runs aka 419 aka "freelancing" aka other people's money Analyst.

This is an ongoing issue, that slowly but surely it is becoming acceptable here in London and also Nigeria amongst Nigerians. I mean, there are so many guys and girls that I know of, that practice this act and even believe it is now a legal way of making money. In London, we have so many people from high class families, people who want to be respected by how much money they have and how many flashy things they can buy in a month, who practice the Runs Lifestyle. It has become a game, the less priveledged do it in order to compete/be on the same level as the Rich and the Rich do it so as to be higher!

But in this day and age, knowing/ snopping around to see if the guy you are dating is a 419 star is becoming the norm, like so what if he does?!?

Honestly, I do not have a problem with it, ONLY when these people start acting like, they have reached a level of achievement in life because of all the things they have falsely acquired.

Last summer, I met a friend of mine, Baba, we went to the same secondary school in Nigeria. Baba does not mingle with my crowd, so I was quite shocked to see him at the party. After the party was over, Baba left the club quite early, only for me to get to the front of the club and see him sitting on his ride. WHAT THE HECK? HOW? WHEN? WHY? Please bear in mind oh, that Baba is a 419 top dawg, he's their King, that 'they' all look up to. Back to his car, it was a Charcoal Black 2005 Bentley Continental GT, A BENTLEY WITH A PERSONALISED REG - HIS NAME.

Clearly, Baba has taken things too far, as in come on, my neighbour has this car in the garage and he is a footballer who makes more than £40,000+ a month.

As for Baba, he is now in prison, living another chapter of his fast life.
As for DangerMouse, thanks dear, but no thank you.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Thank God for today. Had a nasty argument with my Mumma, after all my Sikirat skills, she called me lazy, why? All because a silly-pigeon-little decided to do its du-du on the kitchen's outside window on Sunday. Imagine! Like One gets paid enough £0 to clean pigeon shit off a window in the cold.

Basically, my Mumma decided to do one of her routine-checks this morning. Evidentally, when She stepped into the kitchen She was greeted by the infamous du-du on the outside window (that's to show you how often she enters the kitchen). She flipped, stormed into my room and woke me up at 11am, 11am oh, tell me how many jobless people do you know see that time of the day? Thank you.

Mumma went on and on and honestly when she starts, She wont be finished till 2007. She said I am lazy and all I do is cook (atleast She acknowledges the fact that I cook for the house), I never do this, I never do that and I never clean the door and windows, now come on WHO CLEANS THE DOORS AND WINDOWS?!? Come to think about it, I have not seen the window cleaner for days now and knowing my Mumma, She is still paying him, so technically who was She meant to discuss the issue of the window with this morning?
It really is not her fault cos if not for pigeon-little who decided to du-dufy the outside window and the window-cleaner who gets paid for "cleaning" windows who's gone AWOL, I wont be called lazy today. As for pigeon-little, I hope it flies to Nigeria, catch Bird flu and £&*%£$%.

Anyways, the drama left me in a moody state and I did not even get to chat to FOG - my msn lover, whom of course i will tell you about soon, it is a serious affair, i am talking set the alarm to wake me up, so I can chat to him serious. PS- We are not even dating ohhhh.

Decided to go to ChinaWhites ( a club) with my sister tonight and dance away my sorrows and get chatted up, I swear I need the hype and possibly lies. Seeing that i do not meet people by staying indoors all week and month.
So, off to ChinaWhites I go, tell me, jobless D, who goes clubbing on a Tuesday apart from students?


Monday, February 20, 2006

Onada, Moi and My Mumma


So after many dreams of starting a blog, I finally started it today. I must say, it so was not easy but after a recent mind block and constantly disturbing Onada, who is meant to be at work.... WORKING!! She "brilliantly" came up with the title of this blog.

Onada is my longest friend till date (almost 15+ yrs). Though initially we were not that close, but after many cycling shorts, body suits, hipsters, platform shoes, Metallic blue nail varnish and now the Chloes, Guccis and Chanels, I have grown to love every bit of her, bless her. She is such an inspiration in my life, everything she wants she gets and I am not even joking. She is one of those people who subconsciously believe in making an impact in this world. She literally pushes me to be everything I can be, which brings me to my next topic, Me. I am a recent grauate, Engineer to be precise, but I HAVE NO JOB!! To be honest I really do not see myself working for anyone again, so instead each day;
  • I mentally apply for jobs, i.e I think about applying.
  • End up on msn chatting to Onada, who is at a good job, Dubs, who is a doing her Masters and receiving £3000 mthly scholarship, which does not include her rent oh! Just money to spend.
  • Not to forget K, who has decided to move back to Nigeria, for Law sch and is looking to sell her London house, which by the way She bought it with her own cash.
  • And every other friend of mine who is at work.

My new lifestyle is amazing, I sleep whenever and wake up whenever but the down-side is no more designer handbags or expensive unplanned shopping spree for now, as one does not get that much money when one watches Tyra, That's so Raven and Oprah all day. Actually, what am I saying, there are loads of down-sides, my Mumma (mum) for instance now believes since She has invested so much money in my education and I 'claim ' I am still job hunting, has decided to make me her new Sikiratu - the house help, as in the woman sends me anywhere, makes me do everything for her, She even called, i mean yelled, my name just to tell me She can not find her tv remote control and she needs me to please change the channel for her. Yep! that's my new life. Not to forget cooking, cleaning and everything jobless people do!

Sha, I have to go now, my Mumma wants me to make amala (brown eba as my little cousin calls it) for her, yet when I ask her for £1, just £1 oh, She will give me the longest lecture on how I never listen to her when She tells me She is "broke" this week. Ps - She tells me this every week, about how She has no money for this, no money for that, et al. That's life.

Also, I really need to physically apply for atleast 2 jobs before today is over.